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Post  ASC on Sun 06 Oct 2013, 4:25 pm

I thought I would let other bird keepers know about my Sonnie's escape from his aviary.  A few week's ago when my husband was shutting the door to the aviary - somehow Sonnie flew over the top of his head and flew onto one of our sheds.  Within literally seconds a Sparrowhawk flew down and was hot on Sonnie's trail.  Sonnie took off like a rocket and my husband lost sight of him - it was so frightening.  He thought he would only find feathers so he set about walking and searching down the cul-de-sac.  All the time he was calling Sonnie's name and all of a sudden he shouted back.  By some miracle Sonnie had managed to fly low onto some fence lattice and was clinging on for dear life and no sign of the bird of prey!  The challenge now was for my husband to grab hold of him and because Sonnie hates him - he thought he would fly off but NO he didn't and he managed to retrieve him.  We have no idea how Sonnie managed to escape from the Sparrowhawk - some kind of miracle we firmly believe.  But a very valuable lesson was learnt and now we have a safety porch built onto the aviary.  We have been silly really because my birds are pets and they only go outside in the daytime and we bring them into their indoor cage from teatime onwards.  We use a little hamster carry cage which they readily jump into for transportation but we did not have a double door and I guess we got complacent in all these years.  Still all's well that end's well - it would have been a dreadful end for Sonnie after having him for over 15 years....

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Post  parrotgraham on Sun 06 Oct 2013, 6:56 pm

Very pleased for you and your bird.It is a must to have a safety porch,I had an African grey have its leg removed through the inch square wire after that all my aviaries were double wired .

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A VALUABLE LESSON! Empty Red the Escapee Galah

Post  Birdbrain on Mon 14 Oct 2013, 8:44 am

I lost a Galah a few years ago. It was a day I was at Stafford and had just arrived and was waiting in the queue to go in when my phone rang. It was my husband - he had been feeding the birds. We have Swing Feeders for the Big Birds. He'd swung the feeder round - turned to get the seed and the Galah (who was hand-tame) took the opportunity to push the feeder round and got out through the holecreated when you turn a Swing Feeder round.

The Aviary "sheds-areas" are inside a converted stable, so we have their inside doors in there, then an inside double meshed door + another split stable door to get to the outside.

Anyway, "Red" (the Galah" got out into the inside bit of the shed. All the other Galahs started shouting and what a cacophony of noise there was - so much so that our little Collie-dog came running to see what all the commotion was about. She jumped up at the outside of the Double Mesh door - it flew open (inwards) and Red shot out, down the Stable alley way and into the wide open space beyond! (We are surrounded by fields and trees.)

So, this was "My phone Call" whilst waiting to go into Stafford - to say it tainted the day is an understatement.

We spent the next 2 days actively looking for her and had reported sightings down at the Lake. She apparently was in the Lakeside Tea Gardens on the Cafe Tables. She also spent a couple of nights in the Woods by the Lake. The Park Ranger (who's a friend) said he'd heard her.

The morning after her escape - I came out of our house (which is quite a way from her Aviary) and I heard all this noise and looked up, only to see a flock of crows flying overhead with Red near the front. I wasn't sure if she'd made friends or if they were chasing her off cos she was a "Stranger in the Camp"?! In Hindsight I'm sure they were chasing her.

We had lots of reported sightings but never got her back . . . sadly!

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